From the clients

The experience working with you Sarah has been very positive. I think you have gleaned a lot of information and your presentations delivered the service you advised us we could expect from you. We are sold on the concepts and will work away to achieve a good result. You have met all the deadlines you have set for the project tasks and accomplished an impressive headway on the three projects since our first meeting. Our objectives are to realise the benefits of your good work in the next six months and to keep the wagon on the rails so we have forward movement. We look forward to working with you in the new year.

CEO, mining industry manufacturer


Just wanted to thank you once again for your wonderful, enlightening presentation. It was greatly appreciated by all of us.

Secondary School Teacher & organiser of

workplace presentation to 50 Year 12 students

We are happy with the approach thus far, and if you continue in the same professional manner I am sure everyone will be swept up in the process. Given that you will be focussed on this project will make a difference to the speed and effectiveness of the changes we would like to see happen. Our plan is to press on to see this project through to success, we have new business development planned for next year and would like you to assist us in the design and implementation of the business units.

Chief Operating Officer, third generation family business


I really enjoyed this week. I feel that we made very good headway into the project ... Public relations work has been professionally handled and I look forward to utilising the services that we will have available when contacted by the press and agencies chasing stories. Giving this work to the agency should result in a better use of internal people's time in developing the business.

Sales & Marketing Director, resources sector services supplier

A note to say thank you for all your efforts. I know that you put a lot of your own time into helping us pull the tender together. We are all very happy with the end product.

Commercial Manager, state government entity



A big thank you for your time yesterday. The ideas you put forward were impressive and I agree with you in respect to marketing ourselves as professionally as possible. The importance of branding and image has been driven home by your information sessions. Thank you for the follow up letter to our meeting. There were lots of really good thoughts in there. Thank you also for the mailout letter. We are very happy with it.

Director, multi store hospitality & tourism sector retail operation


Sarah, over the years we have looked at franchises, distributors, and branches and all have met with varying degrees of success and failure. I am not sure if this is to do with our lack of follow-up, skilled people, timing, or the wrong models. What is vital to us is to survive the transition. We talked extensively after your presentation and the fact that sales management is an issue for debate is a great milestone to have reached. We were most impressed with the presentation. You did a great job under trying circumstances at short notice, thank you.

Senior Executive, multi site international manufacturing operator


The telephone recording sounds great – the voice over is credible, the messages are crisp and to the point; a good mix of information ... We would be happy for you to attend the event on our behalf – your feedback would be invaluable ... Congratulations on the newsletter and well done – the supplier interview in the newsletter is very good and the business-to-business theme should attract our customers’ attention ... Good to hear about our new Marketing Assistant, you must have recruited wisely.

Chief Operating Officer, energy company