Recent consultancy projects

  • Business Plan – detailed business review, strategy direction, fully costed program elements

  • Budgets and forecasts – development by product, region and customer

  • Management reporting – identification of key information needs, creation of management reports, web and ecomms set up, digital metrics reporting

  • Brand image – review of current market and brand position versus competition, identification of relevant communication platform and programs

  • Marketing implementation – selection and management of suppliers and writing of copy to create a range of marketing materials

  • Website development -- development of digital strategy, creation of information architecture, platform and supplier identification and management, sourcing of imagery, copy writing, search marketing

  • Social media - development of social media strategy and policy, identification of platforms, creation of listening strategy, development of resourcing approach, management of social platforms

  • Ecommunications - development of integrated publishing strategy, identification and supervision of resourcing approach, creation of templates, list management, forms building

  • Sales and marketing teams – analysis of portfolios and sales results; restructured organisation chart, job descriptions, salary structures, portfolios, call cycles

  • Human Resources – development of roles and responsibilities, working processes, internal communication tools, hiring and evaluation procedures; management of recruitment for key individuals

  • Pricing and profitability – detailed analysis and recommendations on pricing structure and product mix 


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